Green Building council of SA's Education Update 2014

We have built a new online education platform with the smart guys from GetSmarter. The platform will allow you to do coursework online any place and anytime. We will be offering our online courses in 2 ways:

  • Online supported: for those of you who would like to have support from our fantastic faculty, this online course will have a live chat
  •  Online anytime: for those of you that are confident that you can absorb the content this course has less support and answers to questions will be delayed, for those night owls out there juggling jobs and parenthood with learning!

We are also excited to tell you about how we have upgraded and updated the courses we offer. We have rolled out 2 more AP programmes that see our education offerings aligning with all our tools….so without much further ado lets introduce to you our new courses:

  • AP programme for new buildings (this is the current AP course)
  • AP programme for existing buildings
  • AP programme for interiors

Each consisting of 3 parts (part1 – online, part 2- face to face and part 3 –online) we see the new offering as giving the learner a much more in-depth experience and knowledge. You will now be able to become and AP in either of the disciplines above.

We are also offering some new courses alongside our existing courses

  • *Green Star for contractors: face to face *new
  • *Communities course: face to face  *new
  • Economics of green building
  • Project certification course: updated and now exclusively online
  • Simulations and submissions course: updated and now exclusively online

This will all be live and available for consumption April 2014 – watch our website for details!
The old exam platform will not be accessible from the end of March so if you have recently attended the AP course and want to complete the AP exam please do so before the end of the month of March

And in case you need to read a bit about why e-learning, we have included some links to people who are doing great things in this space – we definitely do see it as a big part of the future, allowing flexibility agility and innovation.

  1. Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity
  2. Anant Agarwal: Why massive open online courses (still) matter
  3. Daphne Koller: What we're learning from online education
  4. The eLearning Revolution
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