Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Welcome to Nelspruit; a provincial capital of Mpumalanga and a gateway to the Kruger National Park located on the North Eastern corner of South Africa. Snuggled amongst the beautifully flourishing Lowveld of the country, at the banks of the Crocodile RiverNelspruit's fertile soil, adequate water supply and a level valley floor played a major role in this town's foundation. It was mainly because of these elements that farmers and traders were attracted to the area, amongst them, the three Nels brothers who claimed the land as their own while grazing their cattle during the winter months of 1895. They named their farmNelspruit which literally means Nels’ stream.

Today, not only because of its proximity to the Kruger National Park, but other sites of interest such as the Sudwala Caves and the Bourke's Luck potholes as well, Nelspruit has evolved into a tourists haven of Mpumalanga Lying just about 100 kilometres west of the Mozambique border and 330 kilometres eastward JohannesburgNelspruit is rapidly becoming a key manufacturing and agricultural hub for northeastern South Africa, making this town an ideal residential area for business orientated people as well. Based on an interesting pace at which Nelspruit is growing, it would be a wise move to invest in property in this town for prospective home buyers.

Some interesting stats about properties in Nelspruit

There are a total number of 41 suburbs in Nelspruit. In the past 12 months (2013-02-01 to 2014-01-31) there were 1,345 property sales with an average registration period of 111 days. Total count of Full Title sales were 1,006 and 339 for Sectional Title properties.

The sales in the prior year (2012-02-01 to 2013-01-31) was 1,346 property sales with an average registration period of 110 days. Total count of Full Title sales were 1,082 and 264 for Sectional Title properties.

The total Real Estate Sales value for Full Title and Sectional Title sales in Nelspruit were R 2,716,854,738 with the median price of R 770,000 compared to R 4,627,617,091 with the median price of R for the prior period.

The total Real Estate Sales value for Full Title sales in Nelspruit were R 2,473,932,772 with the median price of R 850,000compared to R 4,465,446,976 with the median price of R 750,000 for the prior period.

The total Real Estate Sales value for Sectional Title sales in Nelspruit were R 242,921,966 with the median price of R 598,882compared to R 162,170,115 with the median price of R 510,000 for the prior period.

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A list of available Nelspruit property types on

  • House
  • Residential
  • Townhouse
  • Apartment
  • Single Storey
  • Warehousing
  • Security Estate
  • Duplex
  • Development Land
  • Lifestyle Estate
  • Vacant Land
  • Flats
  • Offices
  • Farms
  • Double Storey
  • Sectional Title
  • Smallholdings
  • Commercial
  • Country Estate
  • Retail

Amenities in Nelspruit

Shopping malls such as:

  • ABSA Square
  • Bester Brown Shopping Centre
  • I'langa Mall
  • Lowveld Lifestyle Centre
  • Nelcity Shopping Centre
  • Nelspruit Plaza Shopping Centre
  • Orchard Village Centre
  • Rapid Falls Shopping Centre
  • Riverside Value Mart
  • Steiltes Shopping Centre
  • The Grove Shopping Centre 1
  • The Village Shopping Centre
  • Auto Centre
  • Ekukhanyani Centre
  • Jet Mart Shopping Centre
  • Nedbank Centre
  • Nelspruit Crossing Shopping Centre
  • New Shopping Centre
  • Promenade Shopping Centre
  • Riverside Mall
  • Sonpark Shopping Centre
  • Tarentaal Shopping Centre
  • The Grove Shopping Centre 2
  • Westend Shopping Centre

In 1940, Nelspruit became a municipality of Mbombela, a Swati word that means “many people together in a small place". In 2009 the city was officially renamed Mbombela but the residents and visitors of this town still refer to it as Nelspruit. The rejection of the name Mbombela projects evidently through the road signs that are still boldly marked Nelspruit.

To accommodate the 2010 FIFA World Cup, a 1.05 million Rands worth soccer stadium was built in Nelspruit. This arena, Mbombela Stadium has a capacity of 45 000 and it hosted four 2010 Soccer World Cup matches. Mbombela Stadium and the Emnotweni Casino have recently become popular attractions for the residents and visitors of Nelspruit.

Popular schools and nurseries in and around Nelspruit

Primary Schools

  • Carpe Diem Primary School
  • Clivia Primary School
  • Laerskool Bergland
  • Laerskool Koraalsig
  • Laerskool Laeveld
  • Laerskool Nelspruit
  • Nelspruit Primary School
  • Saint Peter's Primary School

Secondary Schools

  • Hoërskool Bergvlam
  • Hoërskool Nelspruit
  • Lowveld High School

Nelspruit is home to one of the top fresh produce suppliers in South Africa and the United KingdomHL Halls and Sons Holdings Ltd. This company owes its establishment and success to the fertile soils and subtropical climate of Nelspruit which provide perfect conditions for the production of citrus and tropical fruits such as mango, banana, avocado, macadamia and pecan nuts in the area.

Nelspruit's climate is one of South Africa's best as temperature typically varies from 9°C to 27°C and is rarely below 7°C or above 30°C. Although winters' are mild, they can get a bit dry or chilly at nights and summers are warm with a bit of humidity and decent 

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