Sea Point , Western Cape, South Africa

Sea Point was so named in 1776 when Sam Wallis, one of the commanders serving under Capt Cook, encamped his men there in order to avoid a smallpox epidemic, which was sweeping through Cape Town at the time. It began to develop as a residential suburb in the early 1800s, and in 1839 was joined into one municipality with neighbouring Green Point. In 1889 it was served by a privately-owned railway, which was taken over by the Cape Government in 1905. It was eventually abandoned, and its lines were taken up in 1929. The 1875 census indicated that Sea Point and Green Point jointly had a population of 1,425. By 1904 it stood at 8,839. The railway line from Cape Town reached Sea Point on 1 December 1905.

Sea Point Beach - Unique Relaxing in the Sun

Cape Town's suburb of Sea Point is quite densely populated and characterized by high-rise buildings along the seafront. Tall apartment blocks and hotels line the main road and promenade, looking out over the glistening sea and the rocky coastline. With only a few small sandy coves and deep kelp beds, Sea Point is more of a tanning or picnicking beach, but is nonetheless a lovely spot for relaxing in the sun.

Sea Point's relatively small beaches are situated just below the bustling promenade and during low tide large rocks and masses of seaweed stick out of the blue waters. Though not suitable for swimming, there are a number of rock pools to splash around in, which can be particularly exciting for children as they discover the little sea creatures hidden in the beautifully formed rock pools. Not far away is the impressive lighthouse. This square red and white tower stretching up into the sky is amongst the oldest lighthouses in South Africa.

The Sea Point promenade is a popular roadway for joggers, dog owners taking their pooches for a walk and in-line skaters. During high tide, the walkway has been known to become drenched by waves washing high up the shore line. Stroll one block back from the promenade and you will get to the Sea Point hot spot – Main Road. Here you will discover a great selection of shops, restaurants and fast food outlets. For a lively bustling beach with a fantastic nightlife and great opportunities for tanning, make your way to the Western Cape's Sea Point beach.


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