Rentals courses offered

More real estate agencies are now adding rentals to the services they offer, and it is important for letting agents to be completely au fait with the Rental Housing Act and the legal interpretation of it, as well as the practical day to day aspects of rental management. Agents who do not have the necessary experience in this field and are interested in increasing their knowledge, says Annette Evans, regional manager of the Institute of Estate Agents, Western Cape, are encouraged to attend the courses or seminars offered in Cape Town and the Garden Route.

Of the courses lined up to help estate agents get the necessary training to specialise in their chosen property transaction field, the Institute has arranged for a comprehensive two day residential rentals course to be run at their Training Centre in Pinelands. This will be presented by Vivien Marks, who sits on the Rental Housing Tribunal and has extensive experience in rentals.

The course will run on the 29th and 30th January from 9:30am to 2:00pm and the cost for the two days is R1 400 and R1 650 for visitors. It will also be repeated every two months, so if this date is missed, there will be further opportunities to attend, said Evans.

The subjects that will be covered are:

  • The Rental Housing Act, unfair practices, regulations and Consumer Protection Act implications;
  • Landlord and property management agreements (of which samples will be given to each attendee);
  • Advertising and marketing;
  • Tenant screening, dealing with applications and problems with tenants;
  • Costs of renting, deposit handling, rental increases, late payment procedures, agent fees;
  • How to handle inspections and inventories in homes;
  • The rights of landlords and tenants;
  • Dealing with repairs and maintenance;
  • Eviction procedures – which includes ejectment and spoliation;
  • Attachment orders and granting of interdicts;
  • Change of ownership of properties; and
  • Various case studies.

This course is also offered to those who have already attended previously and need a “refresher”, at a nominal cost of R700. It is necessary to bring the training manual received from the last session to these sessions.

An advanced option is also available to those who have done this course in the past and need to further their knowledge. This will be run on the 31st January at the same times as the above and the same venue. The cost to attend is R1 000 for members and R1 200 for visitors.

The content covered in the advanced course will be applying the law to the rental business, case rulings and how these affect the owner’s business, practical aspects of case law, and case studies.

Seating is limited and booking is essential. This can be done by emailing Janine Killian on or for further information she can be called on 021 531 3180.



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