Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa

Welcome to Sandton; South Africa's number one business hub northward of Johannesburg in Gauteng. About fifty years or so ago, way before the exodus of South Africa’s well established businesses from the Johannesburg CBD to the Northern suburbs; Sandton was merely a grassy town of small holdings with sandy horse trails snaking all over the terrain.

Today, being a home to the most sophisticated residential and commercial estates in the country, this Manhattan-like city is probably the richest square mile in Africa. According to WealthInsight, a firm which provides data and insightful analysis on the world’s high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and wealth sector, the number of millionaires in South Africa reached 48 800 at the end of 2012, of which 15 000 reside in Sandton.With posh areas such as Sandown and Bryanston, it is without a doubt a fact that Sandton does offer the most opulent leafy suburbs in the North of Johannesburg. 

Some interesting stats about properties in Sandton

There are a total number of 149 suburbs in Sandton. In the past 12 months (2013-03-01 to 2014-02-28) there were 6,704 property sales with an average registration period of 120 days. Total count of Full Title sales were 3,125 and 3,579 for Sectional Title properties.

The sales in the prior year (2012-03-01 to 2013-02-28) was 6,866 property sales with an average registration period of 120 days. Total count of Full Title sales were 3,108 and 3,758 for Sectional Title properties.

The total Real Estate Sales value for Full Title and Sectional Title sales in Sandton were R 33,966,019,512 with the median price of R 1,470,000 compared to R 30,129,293,335 with the median price of R for the prior period.

The total Real Estate Sales value for Full Title sales in Sandton were R 19,842,397,337 with the median price of R 2,300,000compared to R 14,664,314,297 with the median price of R 2,125,000 for the prior period.

The total Real Estate Sales value for Sectional Title sales in Sandton were R 14,123,622,175 with the median price of R 1,000,000 compared to R 15,464,979,038 with the median price of R 1,000,000 for the prior period.

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Suburbs with the most properties for sale in Sandton

Suburbs with the most properties to rent in Sandton

A list of available Sandton property types on

  • House
  • Cluster
  • Single Storey
  • Townhouse
  • Golf Estate
  • Residential
  • Furnished Residential
  • Duplex
  • Cottage
  • Penthouse
  • Apartment
  • Offices
  • Commercial
  • Double Storey
  • Vacant Land
  • Sectional Title
  • Retail
  • Warehousing
  • Duplex Town House
  • Office Block

Amenities in Sandton

Shopping malls such as:

  • 20 Waterfall Crescent Shopping Centre
  • Alex Shopping Centre
  • Atrium Mews Shopping Centre
  • Bryan Park Shopping Centre
  • Bryanston Boulevard Centre
  • Bryanston Wedge Shopping Centre
  • Chilli Lane Shopping Centre
  • Coachmans Crossing Shopping Centre
  • Cramerview Village Centre - Curzon Road
  • Design Quarter Shopping Centre
  • Dunwoody Shopping Centre
  • Edenburg Mall
  • Euro Centre Shopping Centre
  • Forest Road Design & Décor Centre - Sunset Avenue
  • Fourways Junction Shopping Centre
  • Fourways Value Mart - Shopping Centre
  • Garden Shop Shopping Centre
  • Grosvenor Crossing Shopping Centre
  • Hobart Square Shopping Centre
  • Hyde Park Shopping Centre - 1st Road Entrance
  • Illovo Square
  • Kingfisher Shopping Centre
  • Makro Centre - Woodmead
  • Montecasino Mall
  • Morning View Shopping Centre
  • Motor City Shopping Centre
  • Mutual Village Shopping Centre
  • Nicol Way Shopping Centre
  • Parkmore Mews Shopping Centre
  • Pick 'n Pay Shopping Centre
  • Post House Shopping Centre
  • River Club Centre
  • Rivoland Shopping Centre
  • Rivonia Crossing Centre
  • Rivonia Square Shopping Centre
  • Rivonia Village Shopping Centre
  • Sandown Shopping Centre
  • Sandton Court Shopping Centre
  • Sloane Square Shopping Centre
  • Sunninghill Village Shopping Centre
  • The Cloisters Shopping Centre
  • The Leaping Frog Garden Shopping Centre
  • The Square Shopping Centre
  • The Wedge Morningside Shopping Centre
  • Village Corner
  • Wendywood Shopping Centre
  • Woodmead Retail Park
  • Woodmead Super Value Centre
  • Woodmead Value Mart - Main Entrance
  • 90 Degrees on Rivonia Shopping Centre
  • Athol Square Shopping Centre
  • Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre
  • Bryan Park Shopping Centre - Delivery Entrance
  • Bryanston Shopping Centre
  • Cambridge Crossing Shopping Centre
  • Chilli Lane Shopping Centre - Tradesman's Entrance
  • Corner on the Straight Shopping Centre
  • Cramerview Village Centre - Main Road
  • Douglasdale Village Shopping Centre
  • Early Dawn Centre
  • Epsom Downs Shopping Centre
  • Forest Road Design & Décor Centre - Forest Drive
  • Fourways Crossing Shopping Centre
  • Fourways Mall
  • Freeway Centre
  • Grayston Shopping Centre
  • Hobart Road Shopping Centre
  • Hyde Park Corner Shopping Centre - 6th Road Entrance
  • Hyde Square
  • Kelvin Village Shopping Centre
  • Lonehill Shopping Mall
  • Merrow Down Plaza
  • Morning Glen Shopping Centre
  • Morningside Shopping Centre
  • Mutual Mews Shopping Centre
  • Nelson Mandela Square
  • Parkmore Mews
  • Petervale Shopping Centre
  • Pineslopes Shopping Centre
  • Post Office Centre
  • Riverside Shopping Centre
  • Rivonia Centre
  • Rivonia Junction Centre
  • Rivonia Strip Shopping Centre
  • Sandhurst Place
  • Sandton City Shopping Centre
  • Shopping Centre
  • Sunninghill Shopping Centre
  • The Bridge Shopping Centre
  • The Core Shopping Centre
  • The Michelangelo Centre
  • The Sunninghill Shopping Centre
  • Thrupps Shopping Centre
  • Village Walk Centre
  • Wendywood Shopping Centre - Darwin Street Entrance
  • Woodmead Square Shopping Centre
  • Woodmead Value Mart - Alternative Entrance

When Sandton City was built in the late 1960's, Sandton was largely a farming community and it wasn't until the mid to late 1980's when businesses started migrating to areas such as ParktownRosebank and Sandton in pursuit of cheaper land in comparison to the Johannesburg CBD that Sandton became South Africa’s  financial powerhouse. Today Sandton has more than 300 000 residents and 10 000 businesses including Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).


Popular schools and nurseries in and around Sandton

Primary Schools

  • Bryandale Primary School
  • Bryanston Parallel Medium Primary School
  • Bryanston Primary School
  • Bryneven Primary School
  • Buccleuch Montessori Primary School
  • Buccleuch Primary School
  • Crawford Primary School
  • King David Primary School
  • Lifestyle Montessori Primary School
  • Montrose Primary School
  • Rivonia Primary School
  • Saint John's Vuleka Primary School
  • Wendywood Primary School

Secondary Schools

  • Bryanston High School
  • Fourways High School - Main Gate
  • Grayston Secondary School - Gillard Street
  • Grayston Secondary School - North Road
  • Hyde Park High School
  • Red Hill High School
  • Saint Peter's College
  • Sandown High School
  • Wendywood High School

Because of its situation at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, Sandton has moderate savannah weather. Although the temperature can be Spring-like during winter, an average winter day in Sandton is dry and summers are warm with a fairly chance of rainfall. Sandton is not only an ideal residential area for business orientated individuals; the town's opulent suburbs can also offer tranquillity for prospective homebuyers.

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