10 Question to ask your estate agent BEFORE giving the mandate

The ten things you should check with an estate agent are

1. Is the agent a member of the estate agents affairs board and have a card to prove such, in the office the fidelity certificates of the firm as well as the agent must be displayed. Do not do business with any unregistered agent or company or company using old/last years fidelity certificates. If anything in the deal or trust account goes wrong the EAAB will only assist regulated members.

2. Find out where the agent is trading from, is it a rented premises or do they own their premises - who is the owner of the business / principal and are they financially secure.  Find out who will do the admin i.e. does the agent do the admin or is there a contact person you should be dealing with once he sale has been done.

3. Ask where they advertise and if they have their own website and discuss the marketing plan. Find out if your house will be shown by the agent or students and housesitters. Ask the questions like does the agent work in a team or have an assistant.

4. Does the agent recommend a good conveyancer, electrician, bond originator and handyman to assit you?

5. Does the agent understand your time needs - do you feel confident in telling the agent your private business and that they will not tell other people?

6. Find out if the agent was able to obtain the latest qualification NQf level 4 or 5.

7. Ask  if  they are involved in community service and know all the schools and facilities in the area.

8. Ask for referances, you can call to check if the agent offers a good service.

9. Ask if they have won any awards inside their company or in business.

10. Does the agent have reliable transport and equipment i.e. camera, business cards, company for sale boards – does the company offer training. Does the agent have access to deeds office information and industry updates.

Article from: www.amilnerrealty.co.za

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