Disaster recovery locations are growing in popularity in tandem with furnished offices

This year there could very well be an upsurge in the popularity of offices that come fully set up as disaster recovery sites – and this upsurge is likely to be in tandem with the growth in popularity of furnished offices.

This is the opinion of Org Geldenhuys, managing director of property development and marketing company, Abacus DIVISIONS, who said this trend “is clearly being evidenced at leading office parks such as the Route 21 Corporate Park in Irene and Highveld TechnoPark in Centurion”.

He said the multi-billion Route 21 Corporate Park office park – which only has three stands left for sale – is increasingly seen as a disaster recovery location.

“The office park offers redundant fibre optics and is well geared from a technology point of view. We are noticing an increase in tenants who are looking to house disaster recovery sites for their clients at Route 21. Another trend we are seeing is a growing demand for furnished offices.

“Landlords are also looking increasingly at ways to attract tenants in a still-soft market and offering fully furnished offices, at cost-effective rates, is seen as an alluring option right now. Tenants see this as a way of reducing capital spend.

“Landlords are really trying to bat smarter by offering tenants better deals and this includes a more full-service approach, including offering furnished offices that come with the necessary shared network and telephone infrastructure.”

Commenting further, Geldenhuys said that in some instances there are even server rooms and sophisticated security that is up for sharing. Ancillary services such as generators, reception and cleaning are also increasingly available to share. In the continuing tough financial environment there is a keen focus on offering more ‘bang for buck’ “.

He also said he noticed a “growing interest” from multinationals and big corporate companies, who are inquiring about furnished offices, with a view to use them as disaster recovery sites for business continuity planning.

Article from: www.abacusdivisions.co.za

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