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Wealth List Ranks South Africa on Top Position in Africa - 2014-01-10

The per capita wealth list issued by New World Wealth has ranked South Africa at first position in Africa. The 2013 wealth of South African was $11,310 on an average. Among poorest nations were Ethiopia, Uganda, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

New World Wealth has offices in South Africa and United Kingdom. The company evaluated complete wealth of individuals including real estate, business holdings, bank balance and shares, to rank the nations in Africa. The wealth per individual in South Africa has seen steady rise over the past few years.

In year 2000, per capita wealth in South Africa was $4,200. Other nations with high wealth include Libya (11,040), Namibia (10,500), Tunisia (8,400), Botswana (6,580) and Egypt (4,350). The best wealth growth was witnessed in Angola, Namibia and Nigeria. However, the growth in the low-base countries is not the key factor. Zimbabwe performed worse compared to other nations.

Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa and Kenya are highly populated nations in the region. People in Ghana and Zambia have also seen decent growth in overall wealth. The growth among these nations will lead to prosperity in the region. African nations have to provide better healthcare and schooling in backward regions. Additionally, infrastructure development would play key role in near future.

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