Home staging helps sell a home

With the start of a new year, says Lanice Steward, managing director of Knight Frank Anne Porter, there is often an inclination for people to make changes in their lives by selling their home.

This is the time of the year when people either decide to upscale or downscale, or simply make some lifestyle changes, she said.

When deciding to sell a home, it is wise to maximise the value of the property and it’s in the seller’s interest to make sure the property is presented in the best fashion, said Steward.

In most homes there are things that need to be fixed, certain rooms might need sprucing up, the garden might need some work and there is inevitably some clutter that needs to be packed or given away.

The one way to get all the necessary things done is to hire a trained "home stager", who will depersonalise the home and make sure all the clean up or repair jobs are carried out at the right budget, she said.

The services a home stager offers might include treating woodwork, installing furniture and soft furnishings on loan that might benefit the "feel" of the home, packing away all the clutter or personal items, adding to the landscaping to create a welcoming look, coordinating colours well and adding small touches such as bunches of flowers and introducing pleasant smells to the home such as vanilla.

One of the reasons to invest in staging a property is that homes presented well sell faster than those that aren’t and they often sell very close to or at the actual asking price, said Steward. Home staging can actually add around 10% to the value of the home and in some cases sell up to 50% faster than homes that aren’t staged.

When one moves there is a lot of cleaning up that needs to take place, the garage needs to be cleared and the garden must be cleared of any rubble or garden refuse. A clean, uncluttered appearance to any room will make it look bigger and more attractive, said Steward, and a tidy garden will make it more inviting and "open".

"For relatively little money one can plant rows of petunias and pansies in the garden, which immediately adds cheer," she said.

A recent case that Steward had come across was a home where the seller had collected beer mugs from all over the world, which ended up overwhelming the lounge and dining room. The property was not selling and the agent had the courage to suggest that these be packed away. Clearing the space immediately improved the appearance of the rooms, making them look larger, and within two weeks the home was sold very near the asking price.

"It is important to assess at all the rooms separately, get rid of excess furniture and any ornaments that collect dust. Clear the space of as much of your personal items as possible before the home goes on show, paint the rooms that need it, steam clean the carpets and get rid of pet smells," said Steward.

Article from: www.anneporter.co.za

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