Important Amnesty Update

Dear Valued Client,

The timeframes mandated by the  Removal of Adverse Consumer Information and Information Relating to Paid Up Judgments Regulations, 2014 (“the regulations”) have created far reaching impacts to the financial services industry at large. At TransUnion we have been working around the clock to ensure we are still able to deliver data sets and solutions that allow you to continue making the most informed decisions whilst remaining fully compliant.

We appreciate your ongoing support in working with us to ensure we meet all deadlines as well as to understand all implications in regard to the regulations.

In light of this, and after much analysis, we have been able to determine the impact to our solutions and products and how the regulations will affect them. We have compiled the results of this in the attached document. Please review this document in order to understand possible impacts to you and should you need any further information please speak to your TransUnion consultant.  In addition we have added a Frequently Asked Question Guide for your reference.

Thank you,

TransUnion Credit Bureau

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