Most searched-for cities in South Africa

With the new developments in all aspects of digital marketing, the tools for property sales have also increased tremendously. This however is only viable for an agency with the understanding of digital marketing.

Sale trends in the property market differ on a daily basis and keeping up-to-date with what clients require is one of the most important factors that real estate agencies are faced with. Due to the continuous development of Google, new tools are developed daily to assist in property trend changes throughout the year.

Engel & Völkers Southern Africa is constantly monitoring the market trends via search engines. Recent data has revealed that the cities which have been most searched for to buy property, are predominantly Druban, Pretoria and Cape Town. According to Google, these two cities have been the most popular searches for a year and 10 months, exchanging top honours each month. Pretoria has only become one of the most searched cities since February 2011, whereas top honours have always been awarded to Cape Town.

Surprisingly Johannesburg falls a full 20%lower than its counterparts whereas Durban is on par with Pretoria and slightly behind Cape Town.

According to Google the areas from where the searches originate are not necessarily within the searched area. For example 23 % of searches for Cape Town properties come from the Gauteng area and the 9% for Durban also originates from Gauteng. All searches for Pretoria and Johannesburg originate from the Gauteng area.

Taking these statistics into consideration it is clearly obvious which areas are currently the top trending property searches in South Africa. This data ensures that agencies are aware which areas should be marketed more vigilantly and which areas should be marketed in a different way to the more popular areas.

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